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A Career as a Homeopath

Demand for Homeopaths is increasing, as this area of natural health is becoming more widely accepted by health professionals and the public. As a result of intensive training over the three year course, Los Angeles School of Homeopathy graduates enter professional practice possessing a sound education that enables them to handle the demands of a Homeopathic practice in the 21st century. There are opportunities to work locally and internationally as a Homeopath.

In the United States

The United States government is beginning to recognize the natural health industry in an increasingly significant manner, therefore more opportunities are arising for qualified Homeopaths within the conventional health care industry. This will differ from state to state.

Homeopathy in the United States is continuing to experience significant growth as more and more Americans discover first-hand the benefits of using homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is used by doctors, veterinary surgeons and by many other healthcare professionals. In pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, midwifery and podiatry, practitioners use Homeopathy for their patients within the bounds of their profession.

The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy remains at the forefront of evolutionary Homeopathic education, and is proud of the caliber of the skilled Homeopathic healers who graduate from its course.

Career Opportunities for a Qualified Homeopath in California and the U.S.

Most Homeopaths are self-employed or work as a member of a health collective. There may also be opportunities in private clinics, such as medical centers and healing centers. A qualified Homeopath may also work as a tutor or mentor within the natural health industry.  Homeopathy is a valued skill set in an increasing number of:

• Pharmacies
• Health food stores
• Medical Practices

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