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Advantages of Studying with the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy

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Our Advantages:

The school is proud to offer a highly individual and personalized approach to each student’s Homeopathic schooling.

• The Los Angeles Homeopathy School follows a progressive syllabus which keeps pace with homeopathy as an evolving medical science.

All Homeopathic courses follow contemporary theoretical and practical methodology in teaching the latest advances in Homeopathy.

The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy offers modern methodologies for Homeopathic analysis and prescribing, resulting in a high standard of graduates.

Students who are either part way through a related course of study or who have completed their homeopathic qualification in other countries are able to apply for cross credits to admission into all Los Angeles School of Homeopathy courses. Please inquire for further information.

An inclusive and on-going seminar program provides space for teaching new developments, and allows students access to discussions of difficult cases at the practitioner level.

With the inclusion of the Mentorship and Internship programs, our graduates have the reputation of being confident, diverse and well-rounded Homeopathipractitioners.

Education Process:

•The education process at the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy recognizes each student as an individual and creates a learning environment which enables students to fully utilize their own potential.

• The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy enables student graduates to become qualified Homeopaths who will participate effectively within the system of health care in the United States.

• The quality of education offered by the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy is exceptional, thorough and comprehensive.•
Current experience within the education community of professional Homeopathy shows that effective education in Homeopathic practice takes a minimum of three years of study at a diploma level.

Teaching Methodology:

• The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy offers 16 hours in classroom setting each month and a maximum of 20 hours of self-directed learning per month. Prior to graduation students are required to be actively involved in case taking and on-going case management with a minimum number of eight patients. The student is the primary case taker in each of these cases, is mentored closely throughout, and is able to move into private practice seamlessly following this period.

In the classroom we go beyond mere book learning and recognize the value of teaching through live cases, which enhances the learning process. Students' full participation in the classroom increases their understanding of the art of case taking and management.• The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy's course content contains new emergingHomeopathic methodologies and philosophies. Since its inception, the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy has looked onHomeopathy as an evolving science, and yet we remain one of the few homeopathy institutions internationally that takes this stance.

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