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Facts of Homeopathy

Science of Homeopathy
Although Homeopathy emerged as a viable medicial art over 200 years ago., Homeopathy in the US is still relatively small compared to the rest of the world. The success of Homeopathy has been clearly documented; first in Europe in the 1820’s and 1830’s during cholera and typhoid epidemics, as well as in the United States during the deadly flu pandemic of 1918, where statistics showed that Homeopaths had a death rate of only 1.05%, in comparison with over 30% under allopathic care, and even up to 60% at times.
• All Homeopathic remedies in the US have been FDA regulated since 1938
• Remedies are non-addictive and safe medicines for everyone to take
• Many uses for infants, children, women during pregnancy, adults and animals
• According to the US Government’s National Institute for Health there have been no known side effects for the past 200 years
• A true homeopathic remedy has never been recalled
• A homeopathic remedy has never caused death
• Second leading alternative therapy in the world and still growing
• Remedies are inexpensive
In the First World War, there was a Homeopathic medical corps, staffed by 100 nurses, 22 physicians and two dentists, nearly all Homeopaths. In 1922, President Harding, whose father served as a Homeopathic physician in the Civil War, hosted a convention of Homeopaths at the White House. The only monument to an MD in Washington D.C. is dedicated to Samuel Hahnemann MD, the founder of Homeopathy.
Hahnemann Monument

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